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The Academy!

The Academy!

What is the Academy?

The Gol Elite Academy is more than just a weekly football session. We have a top-quality team of FA qualified coaches that provide top grade coaching to each of their academy age groups from under 6 to under 13. Each age group is posted on a different pitch at the Basingstoke Soccer Centre. Our aim is to provide a service to our players that mirrors the standards of a professional academy, without the premier league logo on our shoulders. We aim to provide every Gol Elite player the opportunity to express their strengths and expose and improve the weaknesses of their game.

We monitor every player’s development on a termly review handed over to the parents in an enclosed envelope to give you (as parents/guardians) the communication you need to understand where we think your player is in their development.

When possible, fixtures are organised as frequent as possible against local grass root teams, similar academy schemes and occasionally against pre-academy players from professional clubs. We use the fixtures to monitor each player and put in place the way we teach them to play the game. Depending on the availability of the opposition, we try and organise a fixture for each age group once every half term.

Trial and error is key to the development of all players, the sessions are planned around ‘individual development in a team environment’, meaning that each player is comfortable at Gol Elite.  Each session will include a large chunk of ‘ball mastery. Ball mastery is exposure to the ball, learning new tricks and skills to be used in a match situation. The players will be applauded for trying to express themselves on the ball and using their imagination, if it comes off or not! We work around more general football topics for the remainder of sessions.

Aside from the football, we are looking to mould the players into positive, professional young players with the hunger to improve.


For under 7’s/under 8’s/under 9’s, the sessions run from 5.30pm-7pm.

For under 10’s/under 11’s/under 12’s/under13’s, the sessions run from 7pm-8.30pm.

Fixture timings may vary.

We ask that players arrive at least 10 minutes before each session.